Updating to New Releases

Rapido is divided into multiple packages:

  • @rapido/init is a global command-line utility that you use to create new projects.
  • @rapido/scripts is a library of scripts useed to develop Rapido apps.
  • @rapido/env is a library of modules to manage environment variables in Rapido apps.
  • @rapido/components is a library of common primitive components used in Rapido apps.
  • @rapido/session is a library of modules for managing session data in Rapido apps.
  • @rapido/utils is a library of common utilities used in Rapido apps.

When you run npx @rapido/init my-app it automatically installs the latest version of @rapido/scripts and whichever of the Rapido toolset packages you select to include in your app (@rapido/env, @rapido/components, @rapido/session, @rapido/utils).

Rapido creates the project with the latest version of Rapido so you’ll get all the new features and improvements in newly created apps automatically.

To update an existing project to a new version of Rapido, open the changelog, find the version you’re currently on (check package.json in this folder if you’re not sure), and apply the migration instructions for the newer versions.

In most cases running yarn run upgrade in your project folder should be enough, but it’s good to consult the changelog for potential breaking changes.

We commit to keeping the breaking changes minimal so you can upgrade Rapido painlessly.

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